Who should get ready for Wifi 6?

  • greater speed (up to 37% more comparing to WiFi 5)
  • less power consumption (up to 67% gain)
  • dramatically greater number of devices operating at the same time (to know more about, read OFDMA)
  • better outdoor performance
  • 4G antennas (then 5G) continue to be installed everywhere (more than 1000 only in France in 2019)
  • Telecommunications operators continue to drop data prices with unlimited offers
  • In Europe, roaming costs are now abolished, so you can use 4G on your phone anywhere between Finland and Portugal, for instance, with a Croatian operator.
  1. The Hotel of the Sea, in Spain, 250 rooms, targeting young travelers on a budget
  2. The Hotel Bellagio, in Italy, 25 rooms, a luxury complex for 40yo C level guests and their families

Hotel of the Sea

To upgrade its installation for WiFi 6, the Hotel of the Sea, with 12 floors building with no garden, will need approximately 70 new routers, in addition to the installation and maintenance costs. However, most of their guests may not have a brand new phone, tablets or computer yet. So they won’t benefit from Wifi 6 and will still be covered by the Wifi 5 technology included in the new router. Also, its guests won’t spend a lot of time in their rooms but rather at the beach and in the nearby downtown, and they are used to a hotel no- so-good and jerky connection. Guests mostly travel from Europe and will use 4G anyway, without extra costs.

Hotel Bellagio

On the contrary, the hotel Bellagio needs 15 routers, including the coverage of its two large gardens, where the smart gardening IoT is a legion. Their guests come mostly to relax and stay inside the property and generally continue to work during their holidays. Good wifi connection is for them a deal-breaker. They upgrade their devices every year, the same for their children. So the entire family will spend time being connected at the same time, using a lot of data. In this case, a WiFi 6 upgrade will considerably enhance the staying experience for hotel’s guests at a pretty reasonable cost.



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Benjamin Daix

Benjamin Daix

French Marketer specialised in tech and IoT / Based in Warsaw (PL) / dxm-agency.com