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Creating a speakeasy in a former printer’s premises

Benjamin Daix
5 min readAug 18, 2022


For a total budget of 5.000€

We acquired our Third place a year ago in Warsaw (PL). By the Third Place we mean a coworking space complemented by other amenities like a workshop, an event space or a studio.

We’ve decided to transform the biggest room (around 80 sqm from a total of 200 sqm) into a private event space with a speakeasy aesthetic, in order to be able to host private and professional events in a cosy atmosphere. The overall building was formerly a printer’s. The industrial character had been pretty much varied by years of different usages (dance school, especially).

What does a speakeasy look like?

Speakeasies are often associated with dark and even spooky interiors, as well as low ceilings, as they were mostly based in basements. If the room is 3m high, the metal structure makes it look even higher and bigger. With large window frames direct access to the street, we had a long way to recreate intimacy and comfort.

Let’s first draw up a list of speakeasy’s main characteristics:

  • Materials: leather, dark wood, heavy textiles, dark tone velvet
  • Lighting: low and warm lights (around 2500 kelvin or lower), and candles
  • Furnitures: chesterfield sofas, small round tables
  • Walls and floors: used carpets, bricks,
  • Props: palm trees, old books, chandeliers
  • Textures : padded, soft
  • Decoration: oriental, baroque, burlesque, art deco

How did we flip our space on a budget?

The main challenge was to get as close as possible to the main objectives, maintaining the spirit of a place. We didn’t want to artificially implement everything, but rather blend the industrial history of the place with the speakeasy comfort and intimacy.

We were also very conscious of the budget. The floor was covered with cheap wood laminate, the roof was painted in sort of grayish light blue and the…



Benjamin Daix

French Marketer specialised in tech and IoT / Based in Warsaw (PL) / dxm-agency.com