What do Austin Kleon, a miniature movie set and an 80s logo animation have in common?

One word: analog.

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If you are, as I am, in the world of digital marketing, you are permanently chased by the latest trends and tools. The Adobe suite offers us the updates pretty much every single month. Our feeds are covered with ads for some new productivity tools, organisational apps, project management softwares. And, of course, new phones and laptops are released every year.

This continuous novelty allied with a 100% connected and digital workflow can be paradoxically negative to your creativity. And I’m…

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Le monde l’IoT (Internet of Things) et les données qui y sont liées ouvrent différentes possibilités de monétisation. Nous allons nous intéresser aux 4 principalement à l’oeuvre en 2021.

1. Les offres hardware alliant B2B et B2C, l’exemple des drones DJI

La plupart des fabricants de drones grand public ont pour le moment un business model très classique, semblable à celui des fabricants Hi-Fi des années 90 (Sony, Philipps, Pioneer) : du grand public jusqu’au très haut de gamme.

La gamme des drones DJI s’étend d’un bout à l’autre du marché. L’entrée de gamme, pour le grand public, est accessible à moins de 500€. Une…

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This article was initally published in english, accessible .

Si les projets sont légions en ce qui concerne l’innovation de la livraison en ville, jusqu’à la réduire à moins de 20 minutes, c’est beaucoup moins vrai pour les zones rurales. Nous pourrions même assister au creusement d’un fossé, déjà existant, avec d’une part des livraisons quasi instantanées gratuites dans les centres urbains ; et des livraisons payantes avec des délais de plusieurs jours ailleurs.

La livraison du dernier kilomètre est la séquence la plus couteuse de la logistique, qu’elle soit en zone urbaine ou rurale. …

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Spoiler alert: the answer is positive. This article is dedicated to some extent to start-ups and B2B tech start-ups mostly (my clients).

Clubhouse is something more than a trendy new social app. In fact, it can be a very powerful tool, especially for the non-english speaking ecosystem (German-, French-, Dutch-, Russian-speaking), if you move now, and days are counted.

Reminder: what’s a Clubhouse?

A social network based only on audio features. You join discussion rooms to listen or participate. You can create new rooms, of course (the main objective for you). …

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Spoiler alerte : la réponse est oui. Le contenu de cet article s’adresse aux start-ups de manière générale, avec un focus plus particulier sur celles de la B2B tech (que je connais le mieux car ce sont mes clients).

Clubhouse, le nouveau réseau social en vogue, peut être un outil extrêmement puissant (sur le financement, le recrutement, la génération de leads et le branding) si vous vous y penchez maintenant ; et les jours sont comptés.

Rappel : qu’est ce ClubHouse ?

Un réseau social uniquement basé sur l’audio. Vous rejoignez des rooms de discussions, pour écouter ou participer. Vous…

Ten years after the creation of one of the first IoT clusters in the south of France: IoT Valley Toulouse, initiated by the founder of Sigfox, we will see how this logic makes profits to all the value chain and whether it can be replicated.

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In the south of France, Toulouse is renewed for its sunny weather, food specialties, and aerospace industry, with Airbus and EADS. There is a large community of engineers living in the area for decades.

Ten years ago, IoT companies also began to aggregate in the area, under the impulsion of Sigfox, originally from Toulouse. Initially…

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There is a point where tech revolutions meet and amplify each other. Nanotechnology will be a far bigger game-changer for IoT than 5G. It will change the integrality of the IoT architecture and allow IoT deployment at a scale we can’t imagine.

The ultimate sensor

The sensor itself, the nerve of the IoT architecture will be deeply upgraded with sensitivity down to the molecular level. The nanosensors will be able to detect micro modifications in pressure, temperature, or chemical composition. This will allow us to collect far more precise data, but overall measure things that can’t be measured today.

The range of possibilities…

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Most companies see public decision processes — law and norms — as a black box for read-only. Although organising a huge and long lobbying campaign is likely to be both uncertain and expensive, it doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected from this world. The sooner you become aware of a future law or norm that may affect your business (positively or negatively), the more possibilities you have to adapt your strategy accordingly or to even impact the decision-making.

To understand the subject better, we need to explain the different layers of regulating the law, the norm, and the standard:

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When mentioning smart cities one often visualises, for instance, NYC, Singapore, Seoul etc. Actually, small and medium cities are not behind in this respect, and their customised approach can contribute to a relevant deployment and use of IoTs, such as Lund in Sweden.

Small and Smart — Scandinavian medium-sized cities approach to IoT

When mentioning smart cities one often visualises, for instance, NYC, Singapore, Seoul etc. Actually, small and medium cities are not behind in this respect, and their customised approach can contribute to a relevant deployment and use of IoTs, such as Lund in Sweden.

Lund, a relatively small…

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An initial American concept, the third-place (or tiers-lieu in French) becomes an essential link to the smart city transition projects in France. It acts as an igniter and catalyst to developing smart villages projects. It becomes the prior first step for IoT deployment because of connectivity it requires. The third-place gives a soul and a stepping stone to the small smart cities.

The Third-place is an urban sociological concept developed by , professor at the Pensacola University (FL), explained in the book The Great Good Place published in 1989, describing the importance to have dedicated spaces where sociological links…

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